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Facts and Figures: Auto Financing with Our Indianapolis Volkswagen Dealership

Paying for your next Volkswagen is the biggest final hurdle to VW ownership. Our finance department team at Falcone Volkswagen is committed to helping you explore and understand all your options. While specific offers and deals vary throughout the year, our Indianapolis drivers always have access to wonderful, flexible financing options. Here's a quick overview of the auto financing process and tips for overcoming most financing pitfalls.

The Auto Loan

You must apply for an auto loan to finance the cost of a vehicle. Don't worry if you have bad credit. We can work with you. You might still qualify for an auto loan optimized for drivers with less-than-perfect credit. If your credit isn't great, the worst-case scenario might require you to negotiate a new rate for your approved auto loan.

Often, a larger down payment helps to secure a competitive auto loan with decent rates despite poor credit. Put down however much you can but remember that a minimum of 20 percent or better is the sweet spot. To save time, get pre-approved for financing from the comfort of your home in Carmel, IN.

A Volkswagen Lease

If you have decent credit but little to no money for a down payment, consider a lease from Falcone Volkswagen. Applicants with good credit typically don't have to put any money down to lease a new Volkswagen. Applicants with average credit can potentially lease a Volkswagen, but a down payment is often a prerequisite. Lease terms range from 24 to 60 months:

  • Shorter terms incur higher monthly payments and less interest.
  • Longer terms incur lower monthly payments but more interest overall.

Leasing has many advantages. You get to lease a brand spanking new Volkswagen from Falcone Volkswagen. These are late-model vehicles with the latest tech, safety, capabilities, and amenities. At the end of your lease term, you can:

  • You're free to purchase your leased Volkswagen
  • Return your leased Volkswagen
  • Lease another, entirely different, brand spanking new Volkswagen model

Making on-time monthly lease payments also impacts your credit score positively.

Ways to Improve Your Credit

Our team at Falcone Volkswagen proudly serves all drivers from Avon to Zionsville, all of whom are like family to us. We want you to succeed, which is why we're eager to work with you on navigating the car-buying process even with okay credit. We also like to state and re-state ways to improve your credit, just in case no one else has mentioned it.

  • Know your score: You're entitled to a free annual report. Reputable credit websites can also furnish a ballpark score for free.
  • Limit the credit-based products you apply to use. Each application results in a hard credit inquiry, which lowers your score.
  • Keep your credit utilization at 30 percent or lower. That is, use less than 30 percent of the credit available for you to use at any given time.
  • Attempt to settle outstanding debts that negatively affect your score. You might not even have to pay debts off in full lump sums. Even attempting to do so, paying bits at a time, raises your score gradually.
  • If the above options aren't feasible, or if completing them doesn't improve your score enough to access competitive auto loans and loan rates, consider a cosigner. A cosigner's gainful employment and ideal credit make them a viable candidate, helping you secure ideal auto loans, the lowest rates, and even zero-down perks when buying or leasing.

    Don't Forget Your Trade-In

    Cash is king, but your trade-in is equally valuable ka-ching to our finance department. In some cases, your trade-in can offset down payment costs entirely, serving as the cash payment you don't have in your pockets. It depends on many factors, so don't hesitate to talk to us. Value your trade-in on our website, calculate monthly payments, get pre-approved or get together with our auto financing experts so we can help you get into the driver's seat of your next VW.


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    Whatever your decision, you know you are making the right one when you side with our dealership. Our trusted staff's mission is to provide you with quality service and peace of mind in the car-buying journey. Call or stop by today and we can help you find the vehicle that matches all of your wants and needs!

    Please contact us today with any auto finance questions, we proudly serve customers from Zionsville, and all surrounding areas. We have a dedicated Finance team to help you with your vehicle wants and needs. Jon is here every day to assist you.

    Please contact us today with any auto finance questions, we proudly serve customers from Zionsville, and all surrounding areas. We have a dedicated Finance team to help you with your vehicle wants and needs. Jon is here every day to assist you.

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