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If you're considering picking up a used vehicle in the Indianapolis area, you're probably thinking hard about what you want your monthly payment to be. At Falcone Volkswagen we understand your need to stay within a monthly budget, and we're here to help you understand just what you need to do to achieve your goals. Whether you're looking for an affordable daily driver or want to save on an SUV for your family in Fishers or Greenwood, we'll help you get there.

Determining Your Monthly Payment Amount

While of course your interest rate and any down payment will change how much you pay per month for your vehicle, consider the law of $1000s when trying to figure out exactly how much car you can afford. Simply put, this concept says that for every $1000 you finance, you can figure on paying approximately $20 per month. So if you plan on paying $300 per month for your used car, you can finance up to $15,000 for your next vehicle. To achieve a $250 per month payment you'll want to stay below $12,500, while a $200 per month payment will allow you to finance $10,000, and so on. In order to stay within these figures, you will have to factor the tax, title, and registration into your down payment, otherwise adding those to the financed amount will raise your monthly payment.

Get Ahead with a Down Payment

Any down payment amount that exceeds your tax, title, and registration would go toward lowering your amount financed, which would allow you to choose a more expensive vehicle and still stay within your monthly payment target.

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