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Is it time for a break? When you've worked for five or six hours straight, it might be time to clock out and recharge for a little bit. And, when it's time for your vehicle to get new brakes, you should schedule the repair with Falcone Volkswagen. It may be spelled a little differently, but the fact remains-everyone and everything needs a break (brake) sometimes.

Signs of Bad Breaks

Just like your body will give you signs when you need a break, your vehicle will also let you know when it needs a brake repair.

You Hear Sounds when You Brake

A squealing sound when you apply your brakes is a good warning that you're going to need brake work on your car. If you've just gotten new brake pads installed and you hear a squeal from time to time, that's ok. It's just your new pads adjusting to the vehicle. But, if it's been a while since you've gotten your brake pads checked in Fishers, and you hear squealing, it's time to get them checked.

If that squealing turns to a grinding or growling sound, then it means that the pads are completely worn, and the disc and caliper are rubbing together. If that's the case, you may need more than brake replacement-it may cause for rotor replacement as well.

Pedal Vibration when Stopping

A vibrating brake pedal can also be a sign of warped rotors. They are caused by severe braking for long periods or when towing.

Increased Stopping Time

If it takes longer to stop your vehicle or you have to press harder on your brake pedal to stop your motion, that is a major red flag for brake repair. This is especially important because the increased stopping time can directly reflect a brake fluid leak, which is what gives your car the stopping power it needs.

Give Your Vehicle the Brakes it Needs with Falcone Volkswagen

Brakes are vital to the safety of your vehicle from Avon to Zionsville. If they aren't functioning correctly, it can put you, your passengers, and other drivers in danger. Pay attention to the signs your vehicle gives because it can keep your family safe and save you a lot of money at the same time. Contact Falcone Volkswagen to schedule your brake service today.

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