Our team at Falcone Subaru wants to keep you prepared for winter driving. Road conditions around our Indianapolis dealership can get difficult in the winter but following these steps will ensure you stay confident through it all! We encourage you to reach out soon to learn more about how to get your Volkswagen ready for winter.


1. Get Your Oil Changed

Changing seasons could mean it's time for an oil change near Carmel, IN. Keeping your oil in the best condition means your engine can continue to perform how you need it to. Cold weather affects the oil flow and puts more stress on your oil filter, but Avon, IN drivers who get an oil change will have a fresh filter and clean oil going into the season.


2. Find Snow Tires

Keeping the best traction and control should be a top priority for many Zionsville, IN drivers. Snow tires are designed to hold onto tough winter roads better than any other type of tire. Our tire center can help you find the right size tire for your Volkswagen car or SUV, ensuring you always trust your vehicle's performance.


3. Get Your Battery Checked

Cold weather can put a heavy strain on your Volkswagen battery. Our team can check the condition of your battery to determine if you need a car battery replacement near Greenwood, IN. Checking your battery can help avoid being stuck in the cold, so be sure to have your battery checked before going on any long trips or before the temperature drops.


Still Have Winter Driving Questions? Contact Our Team for the Answers!

We are always happy to answer any questions. You can call, email, or visit our dealership when you want to learn more about prepping your Volkswagen for winter. We're only a short distance from Fishers, IN, and look forward to seeing you soon!

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