Every driver wants to enjoy the time that they spend inside their vehicle, able to stay connected to all their favorite apps and media. Our Indianapolis Volkswagen dealership wants to show you how easy it is to get connected to your smartphone, giving you simple instructions that will clear up any confusion about the process.


How to Pair Your Smartphone to Your Volkswagen

All it takes is a few simple steps to have your smartphone connected to your Volkswagen. You'll be able to get more enjoyment from your commute out of Fishers or for your adventure to Avon when you can listen to your favorite songs and stay connected to your favorite apps. To connect your smartphone, you need to:

  1. Park the vehicle and turn the infotainment system on
  2. Press the "Phone" button on your infotainment system
  3. Search for a new device on your smartphone
  4. Choose the VW BT option that has the last four digits of your VIN
  5. Connect when prompted on the infotainment system
  6. Confirm that the password on the infotainment screen and your phone match
  7. Select to pair on your phone, then start enjoying your connected systems

The simple process ensures you will be able to drive through Greenwood with a smile on your face, having access to everything you need for the road ahead.


Learn More by Contacting Our Team

You can reach out to our experts with any questions that you have, making sure you will feel confident for the time that you spend behind the wheel. We have helped many Carmel drivers and are ready to help you too, making sure you can get into a new or used Volkswagen near Zionsville that will be right for your lifestyle.

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