The time has come where we have to say farewell to a legend—the Volkswagen Beetle. After decades of unique design and loveable shape, it is finally time to retire one of our popular summer favorites. If you’ve ever had an affinity towards the Volkswagen Beetle, now if your time to get yourself into this model before it’s too late.

Volkswagen Beetle Deals at Falcone Volkswagen

At Falcone Volkswagen, we are offering our devoted customers great deals on the last edition of the Volkswagen Beetle. We know some of our Carmel drivers are Herbie the Love Bug fans and what better way to pay homage to one of our favorite icons than purchasing a new Volkswagen Beetle. If you’re interested in the Volkswagen Beetle deals that we have to offer, then we invite you to make the short drive from Greenwood and we can tell you more about all the details.

What better way to soak up the remaining rays of sunshine this summer than to be driving around the back roads of Lawrence, IN in a sleek new 2019 Volkswagen Beetle. And, with the help of our available Beetle specials, you will feel even happier knowing you got a great deal.

An End to an Era

The Volkswagen Beetle has been around since the late 1930s and since then it has kept its unique design that our Fishers, IN drivers adore. Volkswagen vehicles have always been the “people’s cars” as they are affordable and practical enough for common people to own. But, there’s nothing common about the Volkswagen Beetle with you driving.


When you’re ready to drive home nostalgia and a part of history, we invite you to our Volkswagen dealership where you can test drive any of our available Volkswagen Beetle models.

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