Five Benefits of Buying a Used or Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Five Benefits of Buying a Used or Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Buying a new vehicle isn’t the only choice in your car-buying journey. Our dealership, serving the Indianapolis area, has a number of competitively priced and quality pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles in our inventory. We have a slew of sedan, hatchback and SUV models to choose from.

There are a number of benefits of siding with a used or certified pre-owned vehicle from our inventory. To learn more about these benefits, check out our breakdown below and let us know what is your favorite!

Advantages of Buying a Used or Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

  1. More Options: Since a used vehicle is cheaper than a new vehicle, that means that more vehicles fall within your budget. This grants you more car-buying options.
  2. Cheaper Sticker Price: A pre-owned vehicle tends to cost less than its new model counterpart. This means instant savings for you!
  3. Lower Registration Rate: Most states base their yearly registration rates on the value of your vehicle. Since a pre-owned vehicle has less value than a new vehicle, you will pay less to register your vehicle.
  4. Only the Features You Want: A new vehicle may come with the latest and greatest technology but it also comes with numerous features that you may never end up using. Instead of paying for perks that you don’t take advantage of, side with a pre-owned vehicle that only has what you want!
  5. Fewer Hidden Fees: There are a number of hidden fees that are associated with a new model vehicle. These same hidden fees aren’t associated with pre-owned vehicles, which means more savings for you!
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