What Can You Get for Your Classic VW?

Today's new Volkswagen lineup offer a blend of classic styling with modern technology and performance, making it one of America's favorite brands for cars and SUVs. But the VW logo always tends to stir up feelings of nostalgia, and the many classics that still populate the highways still have plenty left to give. Even if you're not ready to give up on your classic Beetle or Microbus, it might be worth checking in on its value, which could still be considerable for collectors.



The story's worth a read, but it's also worth your time to visit our Indianapolis, IN Volkswagen dealership to have our experts take a look at your classic. While car collectors who love any kind of brand can have a lot of fun with any old classic, there's something about the traditional Volkswagen Beetles and Microbuses that excite drivers of all kinds.

Learn more by visiting Falcone Volkswagen today and we'll be happy to talk classics with you.

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